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This page is here to show you some of the plugins the Vibratonic use in the FunkLab Studio.. A plugin is basically a piece of additional software that runs within your host sequencer (Cubase, FL Studio, Sonar, Ableton Live etc), which take the form of full instruments and/or effects.. Plugins essentially allow the replacement of traditional recording studio hardware within your sequencing software.

There are several plugin formats which your host sequencer will need to be compatible with for them to run (VST, RTAS, DirectX, AU etc).. We tend to use VST (the most widely used), but do also use DX (the formats you use are basically driven by your choice of sequencer).

Our favourite plugins page is exactly that, the one's we love and could not be without, not a complete list of everything we have... and they are not in any particular order other than instruments at the top, effects at the bottom.


Native Instruments B4

The mighty B4 emulation of the classic Hammond B3 organ. This plugin would make the top of Vibratonic's desert island selection of plugin instruments (if we were to be stranded on a desert island with a laptop).. All the Hammond you could ever want with loads of quality presets.. Like all of NI's plugins it costs a few bob, but is worth every penny.

Price: 199 Euro's Website: www.nativeinstruments.com Demo available
Rating: 9.5/10 (very nearly a 10!!) Format: VSTi & DXi


Big Tick Audio Software Ticky Clav

What can we say about this plugin except that its an excellect sounding emulation of the classic Hohner Clavinet (physically modelled).. This plugin can really inject the funk into any tune, and it's totally free!

Price: Free! Website: bigtick.pastnotecut.org What Demo? It's free!!
Rating: 10/10 Format: VSTi


Muon Tau

Anybody remember the Roland TB303? You will when you hear this plugin!. We have the original mk1 version of the plugin, which must have been one of the first free 3rd party plugins developed.. Unfortunately, whilst mk1 Tau was always available for free, mk2 has been released and Muon have seen fit to charge 20 US Dollars for it (still very cheap for a great 303 emulation, but it would have scored better without the price hike).

Price: US 20$ Website: www.muon-software.com No Demo to date
Rating: 7/10 Format: VSTi


Best Service Complete Classical Collection 2nd Edition - Peter Siedlaczek

This has got to be the best and most usable orchestral ROMpler available today.. Packaged in the highly tweakable NI Kontakt 2 Player, this vast array of strings, woodwind, brass, piano's etc is reached for during most Vibratonic sessions.. The price seems a little expensive, but the 11gb of top quality samples pretty much covers our orchestral needs.

Price: 249 Euro Website: www.bestservice.de No Demo
Rating: 8/10 Format: VSTi, RTAS & AU


Angular Momentum Analog Warfare 2

This is a 3osc analogue monster synth.. It's touted as a bass synth (for which it's great), but you can get a heck of a lot more timbres from it.. Well thought out good sounding free analogue synth, and we just love the step sequencer on the most playable arpeggiator ever!

Price: Free! Website: www.amvst.com What Demo? It's free!!
Rating: 8/10 Format: VSTi


Image-Line Direct Wave

Samplers are not the most interesting of technology. However, every studio needs one, and we really like Direct Wave for it's comprehensive yet simple functionality.. It loads and edits most of the existing sound formats out there (WAV, SF2 (Soundfont), AKP (Akai), Propellerheads Recycle, Native Instruments Battery, Kontakt *(nki), GIGA *(gig) & eMagic EXS24), and compared to the soft sampler competition it's $99 price is a total bargain. .What's more, you can get 10% off that price by visiting our affiliate link page.

Price: US 99$ Website: www.image-line.com Demo available
Rating: 9/10 Format: VSTi


Camel Audio CMFuzz

So you want some distortion to treat that bass, guitar, synth, whatever to?. CMFuzz is great! Developed by Camel Audio for Computer Music magazine to give away on their DVD every month as part of their CM Studio.. Well worth the cost of one issue of Computer Music for this plugin alone (you'll find some other good ones too though!).

Price: Freeish! (with Computer Music mag) Website: www.computermusic.co.uk What Demo? It's free!!
Rating: 9/10 Format: VST


Ohm Force OhmBoyz Delay

Simply the best delay money can buy (and we should know having spent a small fortune on delays over the years).. Need we say more?

Price: from 79 Euro Website: www.ohmforce.com Demo available
Rating: 10/10 Format: VST, RTAS & AU


PSP Audioware Nitro

Multimode filter of huge proportions from one of our favourite plugin developers.. Deffo one for the experimentalist, it can create all sorts of weird and wonderful filter effects.

Price: US 149$ Website: www.pspaudioware.com Demo available
Rating: 10/10 Format: VST, RTAS & AU


PSP Audioware MasterQ

EQ's again are not the most interesting of plugins, but good quality EQ is essential in any studio.. This parametric (all bands fully adjustable) offering from PSP is a real gem.. The best EQ tip for a clean mix: always cut and try not to boost too much!

Price: US 149$ Website: www.pspaudioware.com Demo available
Rating: 9/10 Format: VST, RTAS & AU


Blue Cat Audio Protector

Again, what might seem like a pretty boring plugin should be considered pretty essential for any studio recording onto a computer.. Blue Cat's Protector is a 0dB stereo brickwall limiter, which features adjustable dynamics response.. Essentially, you set up a brick wall limiter at the end of your master bus (on your mixer) to ensure the final output never exceeds the set threshold.. You obviously want a pretty transparent brick wall limiter, and Protector does the job admirably.

Price: 59 Euro Website: www.bluecataudio.com Demo available
Rating: 9/10 Format: VST & DX


Voxengo SPAN

SPAN is a real-time FFT spectrum analyzer plug-in.. No difference is made to the sound you put through it, but it's really useful when trying to track down trouble frequencies to be EQ'd out of a track, or even to help see your entire mix.. What's more, it's free!

Price: Free! Website: www.voxengo.com What Demo? It's free!!
Rating: 9/10 Format: VST


PSP Audioware Vintage Warmer 2

Vintage warmer does exactly what is says on the tin.. It's a digital simulation of an analogue-style single or multiband compressor/limiter.. Can be put to good use on individual tracks or an entire mix for that rich, warm analogue sound.

Price: US 149$ Website: www.pspaudioware.com Demo available
Rating: 10/10 Format: VST, RTAS & AU


Prosoniq NorthPole

This Plugin has been round for many years, and has not seen an update since this early incarnation. However, this is a fantastic resonant filter plugin that see's loads of creative mangling action.. This plugin is still available on the prosoniq website but you have to do a search, and we ain't too sure how long the link will remain - get it now it's free!

Price: Free! Website: www.prosoniq.com What Demo? It's free!!
Rating: 9/10 Format: VST


Camel Audio Super Camel Phat 2

Super Camel Phat is now on version 3, but we're still quite happy with good old version 2 (unless the guys at Camel want to send us v3).. Multiple effects to add warmth, presence and colour. It has lovely distortion, and our favourite automatable band pass filter.

Price: 77 Euro's for V3 Website: www.camelaudio.com - Camel Audio have shut up shop in 2015
Rating: 9/10 Format: VST & AU


db audioware Sidechain Compressor

Sidechaining takes one sound and uses it to manipulate another.. Sidechain compression is typically used for ducking of a bassline with a kick to make the bass pump, or for ducking in radio production, to fade out the music when a narrator is speaking.. db audioware Sidechain Compressor allows you to trigger one instance (the bass in our first example) with another (the kick).. It's a very nice vintage sounding compressor too.

Price: 62 Euro's Website: www.db-audioware.com Demo available
Rating: 8/10 Format: VST & AU











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